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The Reviews Are In!

Here’s what the critics are saying about...

"Blame It On Beckett"
by John Morogiello
Directed by Jackob G. Hofmann

Blame It On Beckett

"A comic gem!"
- TheaterMania.com

"Blame it On Beckett doesn't disappoint ... Director Jackob G. Hofmann utilizes the small staging area with imagination ... his players listen and react ... truthful ... the pacing is artful."
- Woman Around Town

"Blame It On Beckett is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. The action of the story moved forward at a perfect clip, which is to the credit of playwright John Morogiello and director Jackob G. Hofmann. The unity of the piece as a whole is a thing of beauty. The performances were so intensely physical,
the characters so personalized and detailed, that it truly felt as though I were in a room with real people
intruding on private moments. At times I sincerely forgot I was watching a play ..."
- Tumblr

"A witty parody of the non-profit theater company that produces the play itself. There's a ton of pithy industry humor and a prodding, formulaic breakdown of how non-profits structure their performance lineups and suck up to subscribers."
- The L Magazine

“Engaging Shaw”
by John Morogiello
Directed by Jackob G. Hofmann

Engaging Shaw

"'Engaging Shaw' is a charming romantic comedy. John Morogiello's dialogue is smart without being pretentious, witty without being smug. If there's a minute of the play that's less than clever, you'll be hard pressed to find it. The actors excel under Jackob G. Hofmann's direction. Great fun!"
- The New York Times

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"The Abingdon Theatre Company production of John Morogiello's drawing-room comedy Engaging Shaw not only lives up to its title -- it's absolutely delightful, thanks to a scintillating script, agile direction from Jackob G. Hofmann, and solid performances by an accomplished cast."

"Jackob G. Hoffmann’s direction is solid and nuanced. The players share dozens of small gestures and expressions allowing us the pleasure of personal discovery. The use of silence is particularly effective—a pause of recognition, time to formulate or repress reaction, internal dialogue. The tiny stage is well used—no small accomplishment."
- WomanAroundTown.com

"Jackob G. Hofmann directs the proceedings with a deft hand... Charming! 'Engaging Shaw' resembles a lost Shavian masterpiece...very engaging indeed!"
- nytheatre.com

"...skillfully written and beautifully directed...kudos to director Jackob G. Hofmann!"
- The L Magazine

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